License Activation Instructions

When you receive your MH Plugin License, we provide a link to activate the license. When you click that link, the license is activated in your account, but it is still not installed on your iLok or computer. In order to use the software, the license must be installed on your iLok or computer.

This can be done with the iLok License Manager app, or it can be done from the Activation dialog that appears the first time you run the plugin.

If you install the license using the iLok License Manager app, the plugin will be licensed and you will not see the Activation dialog.

If you have not installed the license, you will see the Activation dialog:

Click "Activate" to activate the license. You will then see the "Activation Code Entry" dialog:
If you did not already activate the license on, you can enter the license code here, and then click "Next". If you did already activate the license code on, you need to click the "No" button. When you click "No", you will see the "License Account Login" dialog:
Enter your credentials (if they are not already loaded), and click "Next". You will then see the "Select License to Activate" dialog, which should list the license(s) that you have activated on
Select the license, and click "Next". You will then see the "Select a Location" dialog:
Choose the location that you want to install the license onto. If you don't have an iLok, only the computer will be available. If you have one or more iLoks attached to your computer, you will be able to select one of them. Click "Next".

Please note that licenses installed on a computer can be lost if the hard drive crashes or if the motherboard of the computer is changed. Please remove the license from your computer and back to your account before reformatting or replacing a hard drive or selling a system.

After you click "Next", the license will be activated and you will see the "Successful Activation" dialog:

Click "Continue" to dismiss the activation wizard, and use the plugin. This only has to be done once.