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MH ChannelStrip 3 for GarageBand

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MH ChannelStrip 3 for GarageBand  

ChannelStrip 3 for GarageBand

We started with ChannelStrip for GarageBand 2; a plug-in that's been used on countless hits and soundtracks with a fourteen year pedigree. Then we made it better, incorporating user feedback. Now we're proud to release ChannelStrip for GarageBand 3.

Notable features include:

  • New look for the user interface
  • Resizable - small, medium and large sizes to fit different screen resolutions, make CS 3 easier to use
  • Added "MIO Comp" character from our hardware MIOStrip
  • Now includes a limiter, making ChannelStrip 3 a single plug-in master bus solution
  • SpectraFoo� spectrum analysis on the EQ and sidechain graphs
  • Sidechain listens for the gate and compressor
  • All your existing ChannelStrip 2 presets open seamlessly for session compatibility

Software requirements: GarageBand on Mac OS 10.5.8 or newer (PPC or Intel)


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