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  • 2d/+dsp Comparison
  • System-wide Licensing
  • Tutorial Movies:
  • Intro to +DSP
  • M/S Processing
  • Parallel Processing
  • Sidechains
  • TransientControl
  • Add over 100 plug-ins to your interface with +DSP

    While all Expanded units include the 2d processing bundle, you can add a +DSP license to your box at any time. Adding a +DSP license will allow you to take full advantage of the processing power of the DSP in your interface. The ease of inserting Plug-ins directly into mixer channels with the v.5 Console makes using +DSP a snap. If your 2d Expanded unit doesn't already include +DSP, you can add a license without any physical changes to your hardware.

    The +DSP license includes a variety of additional Plug-ins including Multi-band EQs, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion Processors, and many more. With the +DSP license, you also gain access to insertable graphs which allow you to build your own “Secret Weapon” processors — wrapped up, phase compensated graphs of Plug-ins that may be re-inserted on demand.

    “…Being able to use my own custom-built DSP environments, as an insert or send, anywhere in my signal chain, is beyond ridiculous.”

    — John McCaig
    Mastering Engineer
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    “…In the studio, the new architecture connects my +DSP patches to any and all applications and hardware in new ways…”

    — Dave Davis
    Media Designer & Mastering Engineer
    Sound Images
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    Finally, the +DSP license adds many bonus Plug-in Macros — insertable, pre-configured processors, including Guitar Amp Models, Guitar Processors, Parallel Compressors and Limiters, Mid/Side Mastering processors, Vintage-style reverbs and many more…

    “There are numerous new features that I'm excited about… Did I mention HaloVerb? Or the amp simulations? I have now switched almost entirely to summing my DP 5 projects in the MIO’s DSP mixer (it just sounds so damn good, combined with the great MIO EQ and dynamics Plug-ins)…”

    — Brian Monroney
    Guitarist/Musical Director for Tom Jones
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    Getting a demo

    Getting a demo of +DSP is simple- open MIO Console, go to the "Manage Licenses" window and request a demo. A 30 day license will be installed in your interface!

    2d Basic package vs. +DSP

    Use the following table to see the differences between the plugins included with the 2d Card and the additional plugins and macros that you get with the +DSP bundle:

    Feature2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Character (22 types)
    Multibus Mixer
    Surround Support
    Monitor Controller
    M/S Decoder
    Short Delay
    MIO EQ 6
    MIO EQ 12
    MIO Comp
    MIO Limit
    MIO State Variable Filter
    NC State Variable Filter
    Linkwitz-Riley Band Split Filter
    Delays Family (15 plugins)
    MIO Simple Pitch Shifter
    Allpass filters (2 plugins)
    MIO Soft Clip Family (3 plugins)
    MIO Nonlinear Map Family (4 plugins)
    MIO Volume Control Family (16 plugins)
    MIO A/B Switch Family (16 plugins)
    MIO M/S Processor
    Static Matrix Family (5 plugins)
    Channel op Family (5 plugins)
    Math Family (9 plugins)
    Envelope Family (2 plugins)
    Oscillator Family (6 plugins)
    MIO Mod Delay
    Insertable Graphs (infinite possibilites)
    2d Amps 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Bass Head
    Bass Head Shape 1
    Bass Head Shape 2
    British Mil Spec
    British Mil Spec Bright Cab
    British Mil Spec Grind
    British Mil Spec Light Grind
    British Mil Spec Rhythm
    British Mil Spec+Vibrato+Trem
    MH Clean
    MH Clean Tweed
    MH Hi-Gain
    Small Dark
    Small Dark No Cab
    Small Tweed Crunch
    Small Tweed Touch O' Dirt
    2d Effects 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Autoflanger 2
    Autoflanger 3
    Cool Mono Echo
    LoFi Mod Echo
    Mono Rotary
    Slap Delay
    Stereo Rotary Speaker
    2d Reverbs 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Diffuse Prime
    Diffuse Room
    Early Diffuse Room (no tail)
    Hall 1
    Med Diffuse Room
    Small Diffuse Room
    2d Mastering 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Parallel Compressor
    Parallel Limiter
    Mid-Side Compressor
    Mid-Side EQ
    Mid-Side Limit
    Stereo Parallel Limiter
    2d Pedals 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Nezumi Less Gain
    Cabinets 2d Card2d Card +DSP
    Closed 2x12
    Closed 2x12 with Air
    4x12 Cab

    System-wide +DSP Licensing

    MIO Console v.5 automatically extends the +DSP license on any attached box to all 2d Expanded boxes attached to your system while the boxes are attached. What this means is that you can use any +DSP Plug-in or macro on any box in your system, as long as at least one +DSP licensed box is attached. If you need to store +DSP Plug-ins in persistent states or tend to split your boxes into multiple systems, you will need to license each box that needs to use the +DSP license independently.

    Tutorial Movies

    We've put together a number of movies to help you get started with +DSP; they can be found in the menu on this page, or on the technotes page where they can be downloaded.