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LIO-8 Line-Level Digital Audio Processor +DSP

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LIO-8 Line-Level Digital Audio Processor +DSP  
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The LIO-8 Line-Level Digital Audio Processor +DSP is perfect for the customer who wants the ULN-8's archival grade converters, rock solid stability, ability to work with or without a computer and +DSP power, but NONE of the ULN-8's boutique quality mic preamps.

Featuring archival-grade converters, dedicated analog-domain sends and returns, analog domain 7.1 monitor controller, AES interfacing, extensive front panel control with precision front panel metering all built atop Metric Halo’s renowned 5th generation 2d Processing, Mixing and FireWire interfacing platform, the LIO-8 establishes a new competitive standard for professional audio.

LIO-8 features include:

  •  8 Channels of Archival Quality, zero-phase distortion DC-Coupled, Calibrated 192k A/D
  •  10 Channels of Archival Quality, zero-phase distortion DC-Coupled, Calibrated 192k D/A
  •  2 Channels of exceptional ultra High-Z Direct Input for instruments
  •  8in/8out 192k AES interface
  •  Full featured Front Panel tactile control surface for standalone and connected operation
  •  8 Channels of Analog domain send (for analog S/R before conversion and analog preamp output)
  •  Metric Halo’s Exclusive Per-channel selectable Character
  •  Word Clock in and out
  •  Digitally-controlled Analog Domain Monitor Control
  •  Full-Featured 15 segment precision metering
  •  SMPTE I/O channels
  •  MIDI I/O for direct connect of Mackie Control Protocol Control Surface
  •  Integrated Mixing and Deep Instantiable DSP Processing
  •  Rock Solid Stability: Mature, Real-World-Tested Firmware & fifth-generation software and drivers
  •  FireWire Interfacing with ultra-stable, ultra low-latency drivers (FW400 & FW800 supported)
  •  Exceptional Power Performance (only 32 Watts – DC/Battery powerable)
  •  Low mass (8.5 lbs / 3.9 kg)
  •  Extremely Compact (everything in 1 RU)
  •  Rack Mountable

+DSP License for 2d Card

While the 2d Card includes the basic processing bundle with every card, adding a +DSP license will allow you to take advantage of the greatly increased processing power of the DSP and the ease of inserting Plug-ins directly into mixer channels.

The +DSP license includes a variety of additional Plug-ins including Multi-band EQs, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion Processors, and many more. With the +DSP license, you also gain access to insertable graphs which allow you to build your own “Secret Weapon” processors — wrapped up, phase compensated graphs of Plug-ins that may be re-inserted on demand.

System-wide +DSP Licensing

MIO Console v.5 automatically extends any +DSP license on any attached box to all the boxes attached to your system (for boxes that are 2d Expanded) while the boxes are attached. What this means is that you can use any +DSP Plug-in or macro on any box in your system, as long as at least one +DSP licensed box is attached. If you need to store +DSP Plug-ins in persistent states or tend to split your boxes into multiple systems, you will need to license each box that needs to use the +DSP license independently.

Use the following table to see the differences between the plugins included with the 2d Card and the additional plugins and macros that you get with the +DSP bundle:

Feature2d Card2d Card +DSP
Character (22 types)
Mutlibus Mixer
Surround Support
Monitor Controller
M/S Decoder
Short Delay
MIO State Variable Filter
MIO Comp
MIO Limit
Delays Family(15 plugins)
MIO Simple Pitch Shifter
Allpass filters (2 plugins)
MIO Soft Clip Family (3 plugins)
MIO Nonlinear Map Family (4 plugins)
MIO Volume Control Family (16 plugins)
MIO A/B Switch Family (16 plugins)
MIO M/S Processor
Static Matrix Family (5 plugins)
Channel op Family (5 plugins)
Oscillator Family (6 plugins)
MIO Mod Delay
Insertable Graphs (infinite possibilites)
2d Amps 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Bass Head
Bass Head Shape 1
Bass Head Shape 2
British Mil Spec
British Mil Spec Bright Cab
British Mil Spec Grind
British Mil Spec Light Grind
British Mil Spec Rhythm
British Mil Spec+Vibrato+Trem
MH Clean
MH Clean Tweed
MH Hi-Gain
Small Dark
Small Dark No Cab
Small Tweed Crunch
Small Tweed Touch O' Dirt
2d Effects 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Autoflanger 2
Autoflanger 3
Cool Mono Echo
LoFi Mod Echo
Mono Rotary
Slap Delay
Stereo Rotary Speaker
2d Reverbs 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Diffuse Prime
Diffuse Room
Early Diffuse Room (no tail)
Hall 1
Med Diffuse Room
Small Diffuse Room
2d Mastering 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Parallel Compressor
Parallel Limiter
Mid-Side Compressor
Mid-Side EQ
Mid-Side Limit
Stereo Parallel Limiter
2d Pedals 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Nezumi Less Gain
Cabinets 2d Card2d Card +DSP
Closed 2x12
Closed 2x12 with Air
4x12 Cab

Metric Halo's LIO-8 is "The Best of Everything You Need, Without the Stuff You Don't!"

The LIO-8 is ideal for the customer who wants the ULN-8's archival grade converters, rock solid stability, ability to work with or without a computer, and best in class value but doesn't need the mic pres (or doesn't need mic pres on all 8 channels), or the +DSP, or most combinations thereof. Therefore, Metric Halo offers the LIO-8 available with the following options, direct from the factory:

Want to unleash the DSP power in the LIO-8 w/ 8 Channel (1-8) PreAmp?

For more information, go to the LIO-8 product information page.


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